Dad’s Music Hour

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Tim “Big Kid” Layne is also known as Dad from the old Don’t Tell Dad Show that broadcasted on Party934 and Power 91 FM. He’s a big softy that loves playing the tunes that tap your feet. He comes in with zero experience as a DJ or radio personality (probably because he doesn’t have a personality according to Ernest).

He broke away from the Don’t Tell Dad Show to create the very funny and entertaining Gentleman’s Club that he would host with Gregg Allen. Shortly afterwards, Lupe joined the fold and made the Gentleman’s Club what it was in the day…..a good old fashioned trainwreck! Dad decided to create the “Dad’s Music Hour” show when all this turmoil was going on so he could play the kick @$$ music that you love listening to.

He’s been retired lately pursuing other interests such as riding his motorcycle with chaps, rubbing his nipples, and meeting new people! Well, it looks like Dad is on the resurgence – returning to the airwaves and creating havoc. He’s got some great tunes for your earhole, so sit down and enjoy the smashmouth music, right here on Power 91!

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