Psonic Psunday

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Rave reviews of Psonic Psunday:


Katie at ALL FM –      “You mean you just play records and talk in between them?”
Us –                             “Yeah, pretty much.”


Jason at ALL FM –      “You broke the studio.”


Hosted by uncledoris and Zac, Psonic Psunday is a music pshow with some comedy, recorded in Manchester, UK, and airs every Saturday from 7-9pm, US EST (12-2am UK GMT).


Since Psonic Psunday’s inception at ALL FM in Manchester, England, nearly 9 years ago, we’ve never really known what it actually is. Like that classic album by Love, it forever changes. It changes from pshow to pshow and within the next ten minutes you’ll probably be listening to something completely different to what’s on now. And while we’re hosting the pshow we really haven’t that much more of an idea of what tunes are coming than you have. Our only real constant is that we thrive on diversity, the great and the weird.

If you have something you think we might play on air, you’re probably right. We’ll consider most anything.


Please contact us at mileswalton@gmail.com or at https://www.facebook.com/psonicpsunday

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