The Big C Radio Show

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Charles Hawes began his career as a freelance photographer in his home state of West Virginia. A newspaper assignment for the St. Albans Community News resulted in assignments from other newspapers. Along with his father, who was a photojournalist, they photographed eleven US presidents, from Truman to George W Bush. Mr. Hawes continued his journalistic career as a freelance stringer for the Associated Press (AP). He covered everything from chemical fires to press conferences, most notably President Clinton’s visit to Charleston, West Virginia in 1993. Mr. Hawes continued his career as a stringer for WCHS TV8 in Charleston, West Virginia.

Mr. Hawes is also an avid outdoorsman, and one day while sitting in a bar talking about some of his outdoor adventures friends, one friend suggested that he write a book about his many adventures, for which he has many off-the-wall stories to tell. The result was MisOutdoor Adventures, Mr. Africa, and Pink Beard the Pirate, which have all been published on Amazon. Mr. Hawes’ hobbies are hunting; fly fishing and woodworking, about which he writes articles for various publications. Mr. Hawes lives in St.Albans, WV in the United States of America. When it comes to comedy, Charles takes it up a couple of notches Charles began broadcasting in 2018: KRGT-db – “Hawes Outdoors” A comedy show about the outdoors in Montana. “Capital News” Broadcasted news about COVID for a straight month every day.

“Big C radio” A comedy show that plays music from the 50 and 60s

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