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The Gregg Allen Show

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Gregg Allen has over 20 years experience broadcasting and djing.

He is from Ohio and loves ALL types of music. His philosophy on radio is simple…..GIVE THE LISTENER WHAT THEY WANT.

Gregg attended the Academy of Radio & Television in Phoenix, Arizona in 1992 (that location has since been closed) and graduated just short 6 months later having been taught by some of the top professionals in the Phoenix Radio Market.

In 2013, Gregg realizing that he missed broadcasting joined Independent online radio station, Party 934 where he not only served as on air talent but as an Assistant Program Director and then eventually becoming the station’s Program Director. He also sat on the board for Party 934’s parent The Freeform Radio Initiative. Gregg would leave Party 934 in August of 2015 to start his own station then called Power Zone Radio

In December of 2017, Gregg was offered to sit at commentary at Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling alongside Alex Red. Gregg started on the commentary table at ARW in February of 2018. Later that year, the two would start the Atomic Drop Podcast talking about all aspects of the pro wrestling world. In the meantime, also in 2018, Gregg would shut down Power 91. This was a move that proved to be beneficial as it allowed Gregg to jump onboard at LOZ Radio where he would server as on air talent and IT Guru. LOZ Radio would become FUNN Radio in mid 2019 where Gregg served as Assistant Station Manager as well as part time on air talent. Gregg left FUNN Radio in February of 2020 to pursue other interests.

As of March of 2020, Gregg Allen was announced as the new ring announcer for Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling assuming the role that was held by the best ring announcer out there, Albert “AC Smooth”. In August 2020, Gregg would resurrect Power 91 as he missed running his own station.

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