The Sonic Gypsy Radio Show

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The Sonic Gypsy Radio Show is a happy, ramshackle 2 hour Saturday sermon every week of the very greatest classic and undiscovered rock’n’roll in all its fantastic forms.

Very English old school kinda in the style of John Peel and Johnny Walker, rough n ready, coming to you straight from the engine room of a rusty 63ft long canal boat “The Heart Of Gold” on the London waterways in England. You could say it’s from the soul of the delta.


The “dangerously friendly” Mickey Banks brings you adventures from a 20th and 21st century life of crime, rock n roll, off grid boat-life stories and random misadventures on the road with The Sonic Gypsy Band. specializing in badly thought out philosophy, dangerous life advice and sometimes occasional incitement to revolution…


You’ll hear music from Led Zeppelin to Aretha Franklin to The Beastie Boys & brilliant new unheard rock bands who send me their stuff from all over the world…all the truly good stuff


If you have music that you’d like considered for the show, contact Mickey at thesonicgypsy@outlook.com or https://www.facebook.com/SonicGypsyRadioShow

You can even join the SGRS community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/969966653516872

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